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5 Wood Burning Resolutions You Must Make In 2020

Happy New Year log lovers! We hope the flickering flames of your festive fires warmed your homes and hearts over the yuletide season. As we move into a new year and a new decade here are 5 essential Wood Burning Resolutions you need to make for 2020 and beyond:

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1) Only use logs that are ready to burn.


Yes, we’re banging that same old drum again, but it’s absolutely crucial that you only burn logs that are fully seasoned and ready to burn with a moisture content of 20% or below. After all, you can’t burn water, and even if you keep trying you’ll create a host of problems including:

– dangerous creosote build-up in your chimney or flue increasing the risk of a chimney fire

– a roomful of smoke and pollutants posing a serious danger to your health

– environmentally damaging particulates being released into the atmosphere

The only way to be certain that your logs are safe and efficient to burn is to buy firewood from a supplier which is accredited by the Woodsure Ready To Burn scheme. Firewood suppliers which have this accreditation in place have been rigorously audited to comply with the Clean Air Strategy by ensuring the wood they supply is not only ready to burn but also the right size for wood burners and ethically sourced from responsibly managed woodlands.

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2) Be patient when you light a fire on cold damp days.


Have you ever noticed it can be harder to get a fire going on a cold damp day?  Yes, even with kiln dried logs! In fact, until not so long ago, even we at The Log People HQ were left scratching our heads wondering why our own kiln dried Ready To Burn-approved logs were struggling to light.


Our epiphany moment came after we spoke to our chimney sweep (Stephen Morris Master Chimney Sweep) when he came to perform our annual stove and flue service. He said wood can struggle to take light on cold damp days because there is more cold air in the flue line which makes the inside of the stove cooler.


So what’s the solution? Our chimney sweep said to warm the stove with kindling and firelighters first to enhance the burning conditions before adding logs. So how do you know when you should add logs to your stove? The answer is in point 3!

M&W magnetic stove thermometer as used by The Log People

3) Buy a stove thermometer (they’re only cheap!)


If there’s one thing that’s certain to make your life as a wood stove owner easier it’s a stove thermometer. A stove thermometer accurately displays the burning temperature of your stove and tells you when the optimum temperature for efficient burning has been achieved.


Since placing our stove thermometer on our flue we no longer have difficulties getting our fire going on cold damp days as we warm our stove with kindling and wait for the thermometer reach the optimised temperature. At that point we build our fire with our kiln dried logs.

We have a M&W magnetic stove thermometer fitted to our flue – and we wouldn’t be without it.


4) Sweep your chimney at least once a year. Chimney sweep


HETAS advises that you sweep your chimney at least once a year if you burn smokeless fuels such as kiln dried logs and smokeless coal. If you burn bituminous household coal though HETAS recommends you sweep your chimney at least twice a year.



Loose kiln dried hardwood firewood logs in dumpy bags from The Log People5) Buy  logs by volume – not weight!


By law firewood suppliers are not allowed to sell wood by weight because wood contains moisture. Instead you should buy logs by volume.

A delivery of unseasoned logs would weigh up to twice as much as a delivery of kiln dried logs with a moisture content of 20% or less – so it’s only logical to buy logs by volume.





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