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How it all started

How it all started…

Our family-founded log business has evolved from pretty basic, quite humble beginnings really! We’re just everyday people from an everyday family of grafters. But back in 2015 though, when Log HQ’s Sarah had a babe in arms with another on the way, we had an opportunity to do something rather extraordinary.

Our firewood production journey began when we learned that some sawmill “waste wood” – is that actually a thing? – was getting burned because it was taking up too much room. Yes, you read that right. And yes, we were as alarmed as you are right now! So, we decided to put a stop to this saga and… acquired the waste wood! There were piles and piles of it!

So we swung our axes at all the sawmill waste wood and earned our award-winning six packs by cutting it all up into cheap seasoned logs to sell by the roadside. See! We told you our beginnings were humble!

Soon after launching our little roadside log enterprise, we quickly discovered that demand for cheap kiln dried logs was growing fast – as well as increased demand for log deliveries to homes and businesses too.
It was time to hatch up a plan.

Having tested the market, and far exceeding our own expectations, it was time to professionalise. We grew some big business balls, bought more vans, invested in a firewood processor, and started buying in timber from sustainably managed local woodlands where commitments were in place to plant more trees.

It was a bold move, but we were fiercely determined to plug the growing gap in the local firewood market for quality logs that burn with free delivery…and exceptional service.

From small acorns, mighty acorns grew!

Our log delivery business began in and around Oswestry and Wirral. And when the phone started to ring with people asking if we’d deliver to other areas too, we thought, why not!

We’ve got this!

So back in 2017, we started delivering logs in Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port, and Wrexham, and then branched out to deliver logs in Shrewsbury, Whitchurch and Welshpool too!

The “Warming You Up For Less” revolution was catching on!

Since then, we’ve continued to grow organically within the areas we deliver. We haven’t cast the net to deliver logs in other areas just yet – or even go nationwide. And for good reason, too!

Right from the start, we’ve never wanted to break off more than we could chew and risk losing our unique position in the firewood market. No one ever provided a great product with a great service that way – so we decided to grow slowly, manageably, and ethically. Oh, and enjoyably too! Service with a smile matters a lot!

We’re a deliberately small family firewood business producing our own logs, delivered by our own dedicated drivers, with no third party logistics. This gives us 100% control over our log deliveries, and allows us to offer delivery to your home – not the curb. Bonus!

We’re deeply principled about providing great Ready To Burn certified kiln dried logs, delivered by service-focused drivers, with an amazing service, before profits. These beliefs have served us well, and we don’t want to ever lose sight of who we are, who we serve, and just doing things really well.

Who we serve

We have a tremendously loyal customer base that’s growing day by day – for which we’ll be forever grateful. Thank you!

But we know that loyalty, and the trust in us to warm your homes and hearths, hasn’t come by accident. We’ve continued to earn people’s faith in us because our systems and processes are built on our mission to provide quality logs that burn with outstanding service. No excuses. And if there’s ever a time we’ve made a mistake – because it happens – we find solutions.

If you haven’t already noticed yet, we actually don’t like the word ‘customer’ at all.  It’s far too generic…and there’s certainly nothing generic about the people we’re fortunate enough to serve.

Every “customer” is unique. Every conversation is unique. Every log delivery is unique. So whilst we need a framework of terms and conditions of course, our goal is to work with the people we serve as individuals. As people.

Our commitment to you

Here at The Log People, our business is built on six key principals:

  • Buy more, SAVE MORE!
    to see how much you can save!
  • Ready To Burn certified kiln dried logs
    Giving you more heat, using less fuel, and low emissions
  • Free delivery
    To your home, not the curb
  • Firewood bundles to start fires…and keep them going
    SHOP Ready To Burn firewood bundles
  • 100% British and sustainably sourced
  • Reusable and recyclable packaging – waste not want not!
    Your bags can be used again and again!


So in a nutshell, our Ready To Burn kiln dried logs give you more heat, use less fuel, and lower emissions…with zero guilt. And the more you buy the more you SAVE!

Fire up the feel good!

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