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Frequently asked questions about our Ready To Burn kiln dried logs

Got a burning question about our logs and how we deliver? We’ve got you covered! You’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions just here!

Got a burning question?

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About our logs

Are all your logs kiln dried?

Yes! We only sell kiln dried logs that are Ready To Burn accredited and ready for immediate use.

Our kiln dried logs are frequently moisture tested as part of our rigorous quality checking processes to ensure the moisture content of our logs is below 20%.

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Where do your logs come from?

All our logs come from local, sustainably managed woodlands in and around the North Wales, Mid Wales and Shropshire areas. Our commitment to sourcing logs locally means the firewood we supply:

  • has a low carbon footprint because they haven’t had to travel far
  • supports the local economy and local jobs
  • are sustainably sourced with a commitment to planting more trees after harvesting
Are your logs sustainably and ethically sourced?

Absolutely! All our wood comes from sustainably managed and local sources where there is a commitment to planting more trees after harvesting. We have robust paper trails in place which show felling licence details and where our wood comes from.

How big are the logs?

Our Ready To Burn logs are cut and split between 8 and 10 inches in length – making them suitable for most conventional wood burning stoves, open fires, chimineas, fire pits and wood fired ovens.

Now for the bit we can’t control. Because our logs are cut directly from a raw material it’s pretty inevitable you’ll find some logs are thicker and chunkier than others. What’s more, no two firewood deliveries will ever be exactly the same as the last because the diameter of the raw material always varies.

That’s why you need to be flexible and realistic when it comes to firewood thicknesses and chunkiness as there’ll always be variances in the wood we supply. But one thing’s for sure, we work our socks off to ensure you get “proper logs” and keep any thin bits to a minimum.

Just to reassure you, our kiln dried logs have been audited and assessed by the Ready To Burn scheme and meet its standards for length, thickness and moisture content levels (sub 20%).

Why are some logs chunkier than others?

Firewood is cut from a natural product with tree diameters varying greatly. This meants getting log thicknesses to remain consistent across all supply is virtually impossible. Whilst log length should always remain consistent between 8 and 10 inches in length, you should expect firewood thickness to vary across deliveries. This is why you’ll find no two log deliveries are ever exactly the same.

Rest assured, as a Ready To Burn certified firewood supplier, our logs have passed highly stringent quality tests for both moisture content and thickness range – so our firewood production methods are within the Ready To Burn remit.

Do you sell wet or part seasoned logs?

No. All our logs are kiln dried and Ready To Burn certified – meaning they’re ready for immediate use.

What types of wood fuel do you supply?

We supply Ready To Burn kiln dried hardwood logs, kiln dried softwood logs and kindling. 

Kiln dried softwood is ideal for building fires whilst kiln dried hardwood is perfect for keeping fires going hour after hour.

What’s the difference between softwood and hardwood logs?

Hardwood logs are much more dense than softwood logs – so you’ll find hardwood burns hotter and for longer than softwood does. Having said that, if you try to get your fire going using hardwood, it’d be a lot like trying to light a brick!

That’s why we recommend burning both types of wood by firstly building your fire up with kiln dried softwood logs and switching to kiln dried hardwood logs to sustain the burn.

So as you see, hardwood isn’t necessarily better than softwood. Both wood types simply offer different benefits.

Read more about the difference between softwood and hardwood logs – link to blog

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Why does softwood burn quicker than hardwood?

Hardwood logs are much denser than softwood logs because hardwood species such as Oak; Ash and Beech take up to 100 years to reach maturity. In contrast, softwood species such as Pine; Larch; Spruce and Douglas Fir grow much faster than hardwood species and take up to 30 years to reach maturity.

That’s why we recommend using kiln dried softwood logs to build your fire and kiln dried hardwood logs to keep it going.

Shop our kiln dried firewood bundles – link to firewood bundles page

Hardwood logs vs softwood logs. What’s better for burning?

No two wood types are better than the other. They just have different benefits!

Softwood logs are much less dense than hardwood logs. That’s why we recommend using kiln dried softwood logs to build your fire and kiln dried hardwood logs to sustain the burn for hour after hour.

CTA: Fancy a bit of both? Sure thing! Shop our kiln dried firewood bundles – link to firewood bundles page

How long will my log order last?

This is the Holy Grail of wood burning as it depends on several factors, including

  • The efficiency of your stove
  • The size of your property
  • How well insulated your property is
  • How often you use your stove
  • How cold it is
  • How you use your stove – burning on full airflow all the time or on low heat

This is why it’s almost impossible for us to tell you how long your order will last. And every customer has different requirements too! Some like to use a mix of softwood logs and hardwood logs. Others just like softwood and others just order hardwood! It all depends what works for you.

The best advice we can give is to place an order, see how long it lasts, and use that as your yardstick for placing future orders.

What can I burn your logs in?

Our logs are suitable for use in:

  • Log burners
  • Multi-fuel stoves
  • Open fires
  • Wood fired pizza ovens
  • Chimineas
  • Fire pits
I’m new to wood burning. What should I order?

Welcome to the wonderful world of log fires! We’re here to help to make sure your log fire initiation is as easy as…falling off a log! Everyone has to start somewhere, and remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question.

As a log burning newbie, you want to make your wood burning life as simple as possible, so here are our top tips for lighting a log fire:

What you need:

  • Kindling
  • Natural fire lighters
  • Kiln dried softwood logs
  • Kiln dried hardwood logs

Getting started:

  1. Grab a handful of kindling and place inside your stove / open fire
  2. Place 1-2 firelighters between your kindling and light with a matchstick / lighter
  3. Once your kindling is blazing and the smoke is rising up the flue, add 1-2 kiln dried softwood logs to build your fire (be careful not to smother your fire or else it will go out!)
  4. When your log fire is blazing away and the stove temperature is high, add 1-2 kiln dried hardwood logs to keep your fire going (because hardwood logs burn longer than softwood logs).
  5. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your log fire!

Just so you know, this advice shouldn’t replace the guidance provided by your stove fitter and stove manufacturer. These are just tips that work well for us.

About our log deliveries

Where do you deliver?
We deliver Ready To Burn certified kiln dried logs to the following areas:

– Chester
– Deeside
– Ellesmere Port
– Frodsham and Helsby
– Flintshire (CH6 & CH7 only)
– Liverpool
– Malpas
– Oswestry
– Shrewsbury
– Welshpool
– Whitchurch
– Wirral
– Wrexham

We’re happy to speak to customers outside these areas who may be interested in larger quantities. Just give us a call on 01691 887977 to have a chat with us.

I don't live far from where you deliver, so why can't you deliver to me?

Regrettably, we cannot deliver logs outside the scope of our defined distribution reach.

Due to increased demand for logs in the areas we serve, and a limited supply of raw materials and logistical resources, we need to focus on serving customers within our established service area in order to maintain a high-quality service levels.

We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment and appreciate your understanding.

How much do I need to spend to get free delivery?

Ordering is easy! As long as your home or business is based within our delivery distribution reach you can order whatever you like as long as your order hits minimum order value of £90!

But remember, the more you buy, the more you SAVE! So stock up on as many Ready To Burn kiln dried logs as you can to get the best value for money.

How do I place an order for delivery?

When ordering online, simply:

  • choose which logs or firewood bundles you’d like
  • enter the quantity
  • add to cart
  • enter your delivery details
  • select 3 preferred delivery dates – we’ll confirm your delivery date after you’ve placed your order
  • pay for your order
  • wait for your order and delivery confirmation email – be sure to check your junk folders!
How long does it take between placing an order and receiving a delivery?
Lead times from order to delivery can vary greatly depending on the time of year or any external market factors that increase demand for wood fuel. When the weather gets colder we put on extra delivery vehicles to meet demand as much as reasonably possible. If your order is delayed for any reason we will contact you.

Before placing your order please read our delivery terms and conditions. It is important you read these conditions as there may be factors in there that could affect the delivery of your order.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver logs Monday to Friday during daylight hours. When you place your order online you’ll be able to select preferred delivery days. Once your order has been received we will be in touch to confirm your delivery date. If you order by phone we can provide a delivery date there and then!

As the weather gets colder we are much more flexible and we put on extra delivery vehicles to meet demand. If your order is delayed for some reason we will contact you to let you know.

What time will my logs be delivered?

We’re not able to give exact delivery times because we fill our vans back to back and deliver in order of location. But to help manage your expectations better, the table below explains when you can expect your log delivery to arrive:

Postcode prefix
Between 9am and 1pm
CH, L & WA
Between 1pm and 5pm

If you need an ETA please call us on the day of your delivery and we will do our best to give you an approximate time frame.

Do I have to be home to accept my delivery?

It’s ideal but not essential. We live in the real world and we understand people have to go to work, walk the dog and run errands. If you’re not going to be home just make sure you’ve left clear instructions for our drivers and leave some tarpaulin out so we’re able to cover your logs as best we can to protect them from the elements.

What vehicles do you use to deliver logs?

Your property needs to be accessible for a large Luton Transit Van with a tail lift.

Our vans are similar in size to most supermarket home delivery vans. Approximate vehicle dimensions are:

  • Length: 8.3m plus 1.8m for tail lift
  • Height: 3.4m

Please ensure there is enough space for us to access your property!

What sort of access do you need to get to my property?

Access to your property needs to be wide enough for a Luton Transit van that just a little wider and higher than a supermarket delivery vehicle. Please ensure access to your property or business is:

  • free of obstacles and overhanging trees
  • sufficiently wide
  • reasonably level
  • has no excessively steep inclines
  • free of gravel

Hand pump trucks cannot be operated on loose gravel or steep inclines, so please keep this in mind.

Without reasonable or safe access to your property your order will need to be left at curb side or at another agreed drop off point – but this is exceptionally rare though.

How do I cancel or rearrange my delivery?
You can cancel or rearrange your delivery date if you give us at least 24 hours notice before your agreed delivery date. We’re unable to cancel or reschedule orders inside 24 hours of your order being delivered because our vans will have already been loaded.

About our netted kiln dried logs

How big are the nets?

Our nets measure 45x55cm when empty and laid flat. We make a point of packing our netted logs tightly. After all, you want logs – not fresh air! Our packing standard is simple: put enough logs in the net until you can’t get another log inside!

How are the netted logs delivered?

Our netted logs arrive stacked on a pallet. If logistics and ease of access allow, your delivery driver will use a pump truck to wheel your logs to the front or side of your property.

The pallet will be collected on your next log delivery – but you’re welcome to keep the pallet if you have a use for it.

Can the nets be recycled?

Yes they can! Just hand your empty nets back to your delivery driver on your next order and we’ll send them back to our nets supplier for recycling! Whoo hoo!

Can I put empty nets in my recycling bin?

You should not put empty nets in your recycling bin. This is because they aren’t accepted by local authority household recycling schemes yet. Instead, please hand your empty log nets back to us on your next log delivery so our nets supplier can arranged for them to be recycled.

Are the nets biodegradable?

Even though the fibres of the nets break down into tiny fragments when exposed to moisture and UV light, our nets aren’t technically biodegradable.

However, we do encourage good practice by asking you to hand back your empty nets to your log delivery driver on your next order so we can give them back to our nets supplier for recycling.

Are the nets made from recycled content?

Yes! We ensure any new nets we order contain 30% minimum recycled content.

What’s more, our nets supplier is able to recycle empty nets! Just hand your empty nets back to your driver on your next delivery so we make the recycling magic happen.

Have you thought about using cardboard boxes instead of nets?

Yes we have. We’ve looked into all sorts of ways we can work with sustainable log packaging alternatives without compromising essential log ventilation and the prices we charge to our customers. Cardboard packaging is significantly more expensive than netted packaging – so making the switch to cardboard packaging would mean our log prices would be too high.

So whilst we work with plastic packaging we like to think we do good things with plastic. Not only do we ensure our plastic packaging contains 30% minimum recycled content, but we recycle the empty nets when you hand them back to us.

About our loose kiln dried logs in bulk bags

How big are the bulk bags?

Our bulk bags measure up to 100x100x100cm when filled with logs – so be sure there’s enough space for our drivers to manoeuvre the bags between any tight spaces!

Each bag holds a loose filled volume of 0.9m3. This unit of measure is taken from the crates we use to store and kiln dry our logs.

Just so you know, we always aim to overfill the bags to compensate for settlement and movement during delivery on our vans. We also overfill our bags to make up for unavoidable small bits of wood debris that get through and fill the voids between the logs – so if you get any bits, we’ve already got you covered!

How are the bulk bags delivered?

Our bulk logs arrive on a wooden pallet. If logistics and access allow, your delivery driver will use a pump truck to wheel your logs to the front or side of your property.

If it is safe to do so, the driver will usually drag the bulk bag off the pallet and take the pallet away.

Can I return the bulk bags after they’ve been emptied?

Absolutely! Just hand the empty bags back to your delivery driver so we can use them again and again! And when they’ve reached the end of their usable life…we’ll recycle them!

Are the bulk bags made from recycled content?

Yes! We ensure any new bags we order from our suppliers contain a minimum recycled content of least 30%.

What’s more, when you hand your empty bags back to us, we can use them again and again! Bonus!

Is it normal to get small bits of wood debris in my bags?

It’s perfectly normal to expect a reasonable amount of wood debris and thin bits of wood in our bulk bags. Rest assured, these small bits do not affect the volume of logs you receive though! In a way, you could think of these bits as ‘free kindling’ because some will always find their way into the voids and cavities between your loose-filled logs.

As much as we try to minimise these small bits of wood debris making their way through, having none at all is unavoidable. This is because we’re working with raw material and automated firewood processing methods which make our firewood production more efficient and productive.

Even though we have an automated log cleaner in place which is designed to catch as much wood debris and small wood pieces as possible, please appreciate that it cannot catch absolutely everything!

We do compensate for wood debris as much as we can as we deliberately overfill our bags to ensure you get the true 0.9m3 loose filled volume of wood per bag. As such, any small bits of wood that gets through just fill the voids in the bags.

Can I collect logs from your depot?

Sure! You’re welcome to collect and buy logs from us here at Log HQ in Oswestry.

Just so you know, all collections are by appointment only. This is because our sales agents may be working from home and other team members are out on deliveries.

PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU TRAVEL on 01691 887977 to make sure we have a team member on site.

Our adddress is Log HQ, Maes Y Clawdd, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 9NN. We’re open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm and Fridays from 9am to 3pm.


Please note that we offer a delivery only service to the Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port, Flintshire CH6 & CH7, Frodsham, Liverpool, Llangollen, Malpas, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Whitchurch, Wirral and Wrexham areas.

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