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Free Delivery

We deliver logs with FREE DELIVERY to:

Chester   |   Flintshire   |   Liverpool   |   Oswestry   |   Shrewsbury   |   Welshpool   |   Whitchurch   |   Wirral   |   Wrexham

Log Delivery Information

We deliver logs to:
Chester, Flintshire, Liverpool, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Whitchurch, Wirral and Wrexham.

Before placing a log order with us please read these delivery terms and conditions first.

It’s very important to understand what we can and can’t do before you order. When ordering logs with us, you’re confirming that you agree to the delivery terms and conditions set out below.

Need help? Just give us a call on 01691 887977.

Delivery terms and conditions

For all log deliveries:

1. After you’ve placed your order we will contact you to mutually arrange and confirm your delivery date. Your order will be delivered between Monday and Friday. Weekend deliveries are not currently available. AM/PM time-frames can be given upon request and we can deliver logs in your absence if you allow us to do so.

2. Your property needs to be accessible for a large Luton Transit Van with a tail lift.

3. Access to your property needs to be wide enough for a Luton Transit van, free of obstacles, and reasonably level.

4. Your order will be left at the front or side of your property on a wooden pallet. You’re welcome to keep the pallet for your own uses, but if you’d prefer for us to take it back, we will collect it when we deliver your next order.

5. We always aim to deliver your logs to the front or side of your property, subject to ease of access. Your delivery will only be left at the curbside if there is no other reasonable location to leave your order.

6. If it is forecast to rain please leave some tarpaulin so the driver can cover your logs. We can do most things but we can’t control the weather! If your logs feel wet to the touch it will just be surface dampness from loading and unloading your order.

Our logs are moisture tested before loading and are Ready To Burn certified. As such, we can’t be responsible for logs that have been left out in the rain or stored incorrectly. Once the logs are in your possession we’re no longer in control of their condition. Read our blog on how to store kiln dried logs for best practice advice on how to keep logs dry.


Netted log deliveries:

7. Subject to ease of access, your driver will deliver your netted logs to the front or side of your property on a wooden pallet. The pallet can be collected on your next order, but you are welcome to keep the pallet for your own use.

8. Our delivery drivers are not expected to move netted logs beyond the front or side of your property but they can offer reasonable assistance where there is a genuine need.

9. Hand pump trucks can only be used on flat and level ground – so cannot be operated on soft ground or loose gravel. If this applies to you we may have to leave your logs at the curbside.

10. Our drivers make several log deliveries each day, and in the interests of safe handling, we need to limit drivers’ lifting as much as reasonably possible. As such, drivers should not be expected to take logs:

– To the back of the property
– Up flights of steps
– Through your home
– Down long paths or alleys
– Hard to access areas

If you have a query about access please call us on 01691 887977.


Bulk bag deliveries:

11. Our drivers will park their Luton Transit van as close to your property as reasonably possible and where access permits. If your property is easily accessible we will leave your order at the front or side of your property using a pallet or pump truck. However, in a small number of cases, the curbside is the closest logistically viable drop-off point – so please bear this in mind when you order.

12. Depending on the ease of access, our drivers will maneuver palletised logs with a pump truck. The logs will be delivered on a wooden pallet which you’re welcome to keep or return on your next order.

13. Empty bulk bags and pallets can be collected on subsequent orders. Just let us know when you place your next order. Sadly we’re unable to collect empty bags and pallets in between orders.

Vehicle access

Your property needs to be accessible for a large Luton Transit Van with a tail lift.

About our delivery vehicles:

Our Luton transit vans are a little larger in size to most supermarket home delivery vans. The approximate vehicle dimensions are:

Length: 8.3m plus 1.8m for tail lift
Height: 3.4m


Vehicle access:

Access to your property needs to be wide enough for a Luton Transit van. Please ensure access to your property or business is:

  • Free of obstacles and overhanging trees
  • Sufficiently wide
  • Reasonably level
  • Hand pump trucks cannot be operated on loose gravel.

Without reasonable or sufficient access to your property, your order will either be left at the kerbside or an alternative accessible location to be agreed by your driver.

Cancellations and order changes

We require at least 24 hours notice before your agreed delivery date to make any changes to your order, including:

  • Order amendments
  • Cancellations
  • Changing your delivery date

This is because we will have already picked your order ready for dispatch and loaded it onto our vans for delivery.

Delivery to other areas

Regrettably, we cannot deliver logs outside the scope of our defined distribution reach.

Due to increased demand for logs in the areas we serve, and a limited supply of raw materials and logistical resources, we need to focus on serving customers within our established service area in order to maintain a high-quality service levels.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment and appreciate your understanding.


Delivery times
We strive to provide the best log delivery service to our customers. Whilst we will do our best to give you an estimated delivery time (ETA) at the point of order, sadly we cannot give specific delivery times for a few reasons:
Firstly, our delivery routes can vary depending on the number of orders we receive and the location of our customers. This makes it challenging to provide an exact time for each delivery.
Secondly, unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, weather conditions, or other logistical issues may arise, which can cause delays in our delivery schedule.
Lastly, to ensure the efficiency of our operations, we optimize our delivery routes to minimize fuel consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. This means that we plan our deliveries based on the most efficient route rather than individual time preferences.
While we understand that having a specific delivery time can be convenient, we prioritise our log deliveries in a timely manner and whilst maintaining the quality of our product. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that we are committed to providing reliable and efficient service to all our customers.
To make log deliveries more convenient we can deliver them in your absence after you’ve paid for your order. Just let us know where we can leave your logs when you place your order and leave some tarpaulin in case it rains.

Ordering logs online

When you place your order online we will contact you via email or phone to acknowledge receipt of your payment and to arrange a mutually convenient date for us to deliver your order. Please check your spam filters for email confirmations as our responses often get filtered.

Log delivery date selection

You can choose your preferred delivery dates at the checkout. Please choose at least 3 delivery dates to give us as much flexibility as possible.

Whilst these are preferred delivery dates we’ll do our best to deliver on one of your chosen dates.

Ordering logs over the phone

Our customer service team will be able to tell you when we can deliver your logs at the point of order. They will ensure your logs will be delivered on a date that’s mutually convenient.

To speak to one of our agents please call 01691 887977. We’re here Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm and Fridays 9am to 3pm.

Logs prices and payment info

Our prices include VAT at 5% and are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). We’re a “pay as you book” service and accept payment by card and by PayPal.

Delivery days
We deliver logs Monday to Friday in daylight hours. However, as the weather gets colder, we are much more flexible and we put on extra delivery vehicles to meet demand. If your order is delayed for some reason we will contact you to let you know.

Sadly we don’t currently deliver at weekends. However, with your permission, we will wheel netted logs to the front or side of your property and leave builders bags as close to your property as reasonably possible.


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