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Campfire Wood in Shropshire & Wales

Ignite your wood camping experience with Ready To Burn certified kiln dried logs to start fires…and keep them going. Giving you more of the heat…and less of the smoke!

Your dream campfire awaits!

Buy Campfire Logs Near Me from The Log People

Welcome to The Log People, the place to buy campfire wood that’s guaranteed to give you more flames…and less smoke!

So whether you’re planning on making memories by toasting s’mores over the fire pit or relaxing with a friends and family by the camp fire, we have everything you need to start your fire, build it up…and keep it going hour after hour.

Oh, and because our campfire wood is kiln dried and Ready To Burn certified, it’s quick and easy to combust with minimal smoke.

Fire up the feel good!


Why choose The Log People for your campfire wood?

  • We’ve got everything you need to start, build and light your campfire: We’re your one-stop-shop for lighting campfires! From kindling and firelighters to start your fire, kiln dried softwood logs to build your fire, and kiln dried hardwood logs to keep your campfire going hour after hour.
    Shop our kiln dried logs bundles for starting fires and keeping them going.
  • 100% British and Ready To Burn Certified: Our campfire wood is kiln dried and British Ready To Burn certified, ensuring you get the highest quality firewood for your campfire.
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: Our logs are sourced locally from sustainable woodlands. Every purchase helps plant more trees and supports local forests.
  • Convenient Collections: You can simply nip in and buy kiln dried logs for your campfire from our depot in Oswestry. The gateway to Shropshire and Wales. We’re open Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm and Fridays 9am to 3pm.
  • Free Delivery: We deliver directly to campsites in Shropshire, North Wales, and Merseyside. Enjoy the convenience of having your campfire wood delivered right to your campsite. Minimum spend £90 for free delivery.
  • Buy More, Save More: The more logs you buy, the more you save! Take advantage of our bulk purchase discounts and firewood bundles for an affordable, convenient and eco-friendly campfire experience.

Your perfect campfire awaits!


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Dog and young girl cuddling by the fire

"Cuddles by the fire. Never going back to buying any other wood. @thelogpeople firewood burns so clean and warm!"


Two dogs by the fire

"It takes two baby! Bentley and Bertie are MASSIVE fans of The Log People's firewood. Friendly staff and amazing services."


Dog sitting next to delivery of logs

"Come on Mummy! I want to get the fire lit! Thank you for our delivery @thelogpeople!"


Firewood feature wall

"I wanted something different in the kitchen so we created a log wall from floor to ceiling using kiln dried softwood from @thelogpeople. Nobody is allowed to pinch any to burn in the log burner!

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