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How to store logs and keep them dry

So you’ve taken delivery of some lovely dry logs and you’re about to contemplate the next step of storing them away for when you’re ready to light the fire.

But what’s the best way to store logs and keep them dry? And importantly, in the Ready To Burn kiln dried conditions in which they were supplied?


Follow these 5 simple steps on how to store kiln dried logs and keep them dry to be sure your log burning dreams don’t turn into a nightmare:


How to store kiln dried logs and keep them dry in a log store1) Invest in a log store

If space permits, the ideal place to store Ready To Burn firewood and keep it dry is in a purpose built log store. Your log store should strategically located in direct sunlight (ideally south facing), allow good airflow, and where it can be easily accessed.  In most cases, log stores are open at the front, have a slanted roof, and supplied with a raised floor.


2) Protect from the elements

To protect the logs from the effects of driving rain, snow and ice in the cooler months, best practice is use a weatherproof firewood cover or a sheet of tarpaulin. But when it’s dry and sunny again though, don’t forget to remove your log covering so you can get plenty of ventilation around your logs because you don’t want them to sweat!


3) Location, location, location!

Whilst logs need to be stored in direct sunlight and where air can flow around them easily, it’s just as important to ensure you’re not exposing them to excessive winds which can blow in rain – so please consider location carefully.


4) No trees please!

An often overlooked tip – but be sure to store your logs where there are no overhead branches from which rainwater can fall. After all, it’s pretty fair to say that water falls and firewood don’t mix!


5) Don’t be a grass!

Dumping logs in a big heap on the grass is a big mistake. This is because kiln dried logs can act like a sponge and soak up the moisture from the grass – meaning they won’t burn the way in which they were supplied. Find the time to stack logs away properly (ideally in a well located log store) as soon as they’re delivered to help keep your logs in the burn ready conditions in which they were supplied.


Storing logs and keeping them dry really is simple – but only if you follow these these five easy but very crucial steps.



*Just so you’re aware, this advice is for your guidance only. Once our logs are in your care and stored away we’re unable to control their condition and how they’ll burn afterwards.


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Why use Ready To Burn kiln dried logs?

  • Kiln dried Ready To Burn certified logs make any appliance more energy efficient. After all, an appliance can only ever be as good as the fuel you put inside it.
  • Burning dry wood instead of wet wood or part seasoned wood plays a huge part towards significantly reducing the environmental impact on wood burning (read our blog about wood burning and the Clean Air Strategy).
  • Burning wet logs increases emissions and has a greater impact on air quality.
  • All appliances and chimneys will suffer the consequences of smoke produced from burning wet wood. This is because maintenance and repair requirements will be more frequent after burning wet wood, and as a result, more costly.
  • Avoid burning treated wood waste (e.g. pallets and old furniture) as harmful fumes can be emitted.


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