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Why summer is the best time to buy firewood

While summer may seem like an odd time to think about buying firewood, savvy wood burner owners have already figured out that it’s actually the perfect season to stock up. Here’s why buying logs in the summer can save you money, spare you of hassle, and ensure you’re ahead of the game for the colder months.

Image: A man stacking kiln dried logs in a garden in the summer

1. Availability and Convenience

Stocking up on firewood during the summer ensures you have a reliable and ample supply ready for winter. Avoid the stress of last-minute purchases or competing for firewood during peak demand. Even though we produce several thousand tonnes of firewood every year, we can’t always meet the high demand during harsh winters. Our proactive customers find it safer to buy logs in the summer, ensuring they won’t struggle to find quality Ready To Burn certified kiln-dried logs when they need them most.

2. Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of buying firewood in the summer is the cost savings. With lower demand, suppliers often offer better prices. By purchasing your firewood ahead of time, you can save money compared to the higher prices typically seen in the autumn and winter.

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A man stock piles on kiln dried firewood logs3. Preparedness

Stocking up on kiln-dried logs in the summer helps you prepare for unexpected weather events or supply chain disruptions that can affect log deliveries. A fully stocked log store means you can enjoy peace of mind and keep your home warm without the hassle of making last-minute orders, especially if you live in remote or hard-to-reach locations where winter log deliveries may not be guaranteed.

4. Convenient Log Delivery

Summer weather makes log deliveries much easier for any firewood supplier. No one likes having logs delivered in the wind, rain, or snow. Dry, warm weather makes it more convenient to store logs away, and once the cold weather arrives, you can easily access your dry logs from the log store and bring them into the warmth of your home.

Buy Ready To Burn Certified Kiln Dried Logs

5. Flexible Delivery Dates

During the summer, firewood suppliers can offer more flexible delivery dates to accommodate your schedule. In contrast, winter is exceptionally busy, and suppliers may have to dictate delivery days and times. Summer flexibility means you can choose a delivery date and time that suits you best, adding to the convenience of early preparation.

Kiln dried logs neatly stacked facing the sun

6. Avoiding Firewood Shortages


Winter can bring high demand and weather-related disruptions that limit firewood supply. After all, trees don’t grow faster because demand is higher, so stocking up in the summer helps you avoid potential shortages and longer delivery times, ensuring you have enough kiln dried logs for the winter.

7. Long-Term Planning

Planning your firewood needs in advance is essential to avoid supply issues in the winter. Stocking up on kiln dried logs in the summer allows you to take advantage of lower prices or promotions and removes the stress of last-minute arrangements during the busy winter season. Enjoy the warmth without the hassle!


By purchasing firewood in the summer, you’re not only saving money but also ensuring a stress-free and warm winter. Don’t wait until it’s too late – buy your firewood now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared.

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